Aaron Campbell B-Ballers UK

A social basketball network that will keep the UK basketball community informed and connected. An online resource that will list all basketball sessions and events. Our platform will allow people who play basketball socially to always have places to play and people to play basketball with.

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  1. Manuel Schroemges

    2 weeks ago. 👍


    2 weeks ago. Great idea…hoping to be fullfilled as soon as possible!

  3. Waxx

    2 weeks ago. Keep BBall alive !!!

  4. Marcel

    2 weeks ago. Wow

  5. Thomas Kahle

    2 weeks ago. Great idea, and Aaron is the right guy for this! He got a vision, game and swag – go for it!

  6. Kevin

    2 weeks ago. Go for it B-Ball Breaks

  7. Philip

    2 weeks ago. Get on board support bball! The interest and love has always been strong in the UK but the infrastructure isnt there so we must build and support our own fellow ballers and organisers!

  8. James Green

    2 weeks ago. Please support basketball !

  9. Alan Kazidis

    2 weeks ago. A great initiative!! Let’s make it happen!

  10. Tony

    2 weeks ago. Very positive and makes a lot of sense there is a huge need for what he plans to do.

  11. John Syros

    2 weeks ago. It’s a great idea. It is a problem that many basketball players face in London.