Amy White BOXC I E

BOXC.I.E is an educational resource designed to support children with special educational needs, focusing on children with Autism to engage with the curriculum. It has two parts, the first is a fold out box with different areas of the curriculum, the second is an app which can be used with the box.

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  1. Bethany

    2 years ago. Really good idea for SEND children and adaptable to each child’s needs, abilities and preferences.

  2. Kerry o'driscoll

    2 years ago. Fantastic idea

  3. Claudia

    2 years ago. I think this would greatly benefit children with SEND within schools and their home environment. Such a brilliant idea, well done Amy! X

  4. Ashleigh Noel

    2 years ago. Brilliant idea, well thought out and designed. Suitable for all children.

  5. Kate Jennings

    2 years ago. What a fantastic idea!

  6. Barbara Bowers

    2 years ago. Well done.Amazing idea

  7. Elaine Aldridge

    2 years ago. Great idea

  8. Andrea east

    2 years ago. A fantastic idea. Well done Amy xx

  9. Tom Woodhouse

    2 years ago. What a great idea, hope it becomes an established well known app which many 10’s of thousands use to better their education and help the youngsters benefit from.

  10. Natalie Law

    2 years ago. Super idea Amy 👍🙂xxx

  11. Claire Hutchins

    2 years ago. Brilliant idea and beautifully designed. I can see how this is really going to help children with ASD enormously.

  12. Karen m

    2 years ago. Great idea good luck

  13. Emma field

    2 years ago. Think it’s a fantastic idea. Great job Amy

  14. Ann crow

    2 years ago. Well done Amy. Fantastic idea

  15. Lynne White

    2 years ago. i think this is a fantastic idea and something i would use in my Pre-school. we do have children with additional needs, and i feel this would help with planning their activities.

  16. Danieltwitchett

    2 years ago. Such an amazing idea

  17. Faith candice

    2 years ago. I think what you are doing is amazing!! Wish you the best of luck!!