Ryan Mills Charitype

Charitype aims to raise money for charities through gathering handwriting from representatives of those charities. The writing will then become a digital font and uploaded onto chartiype.com, where it can be purchased. All money made will be evenly split between all charities involved.

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  1. Hayley Bell

    2 years ago. Such a brilliant concept, especially for keepsake jewellery items.

  2. Amy

    2 years ago. I think this is fantastic!

  3. Holly Redman

    2 years ago. What a wonderful idea. Can really see this making a big difference to peoples lives x

  4. Sylvia corke

    2 years ago. Wonderful concept. I work in the funeral trade and clients especially would love to have memorial souvenirs inscribed by their loved ones . Keepsake jewellery is becoming more and more popular. What a wonderful way to remember someone you love. There is so much scope for Charitype .

  5. Mustafa Sidki

    2 years ago. An excellent concept that is both creative and functional. Helping as it does, a variety of charities. This project has the potential to grow and create unique memories as it does with the Charitype Personal service.

  6. J. Stobart

    2 years ago. creative thinking within graphics is not dead it would seem. This is an inventive, original idea with a solid, worthy point. Well done.

  7. Abigail Roberts

    2 years ago. I think this is a great and innovative idea. Helping charities through type and handwriting is niche to the charity market, and the fact its helping multiple charities equally is awesome for both consumer and representative. Also, charitpe personal could really take off, everyone loves items with sentimental value. Overall fab idea.

  8. maxine crowley

    2 years ago. Fantastic idea, I work for Crossroads Care as a Support Worker, Caring for the elderly, adults and children with disabilities and mental Health issues. We are always raising awareness and money for all charities. What a great idea to raise charity money and use these very special fonts for our event posters, charity cards etc. We hope to see CHARITYPE in the near future, we would be one of the first to use your special individual fonts.