Della Spencer Della Spencer fashion label

Proposal for set up costs for a clothing brand 2 collections types 1-Bespoke luxury street wear ( minimal waste techniques & Upcycling ) 2- Affordable positive slogan / image casual wear 3- local workshops in schools inspiring young people with fashion and cultural art

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  1. Ginelle Richardson

    12 months ago. Della is one of the most hard working people I know. She will excel in anything she puts her mind to.She has my vote!

  2. Remo Foss

    1 year ago. This would be great for the community, Della is perfect at networking, bringing a plan together and executing it. She has got my vote!

  3. Davina Hawthorne

    1 year ago. I like that Della will be looking to set up local workshops in her area. Its nice to see that she will be sharing her experience with young people

  4. Shalishah

    1 year ago. Go mummy! :)

  5. Jaison Spencer

    1 year ago. Very interesting and motivating

  6. Gareth Millar

    1 year ago. Sounds good to me!

  7. Remi Solanke

    1 year ago. This sounds really interesting! Would love to see this happen!