Simone Farmy

Farmy is an internet based business whose aim is to promote KM0 food and to reduce food wastage. it is a selling portal for farmers. client will have available a new methods in order to obtain local sourced food

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  1. Maria Cristina

    2 years ago. E bravo !

  2. Brunel

    2 years ago. Can you do that in france ? That is really great !!

  3. Luke

    2 years ago. Brilliant

  4. Luke

    2 years ago. Definitely

  5. Arena Francesco

    2 years ago. È proprio una bella idea.

  6. Mukadder Erdogdu

    2 years ago. Great idea! Hope it takes off. Best!

  7. Vlad

    2 years ago. It is really promising

  8. liliana rea

    2 years ago. ok

  9. Alessandro

    2 years ago. Great idea

  10. Lea

    2 years ago. I think this idea is genius not only on an Economic point of view, but also on the initiative of supporting farm properties.Helping reducing food wastage is becoming crucial in today society, hope your project will come true! All the best!