Daria Barbalata Flawsome Textiles

Flawsome is a sustainability based concept that aims to use the leather scraps that wouldn’t be of any use to manufacturers and reinvent them into a new primary resource for fashion design. Through patchwork and textile manipulation, these scraps can become a highly valuable design resource.

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  1. Beatriz

    1 year ago. An amazing idea, congratulations to be at the forefront of the Fashion REvolution. I work as a lecturer at the LAIBS in Anglia Ruskin and I would love very much if you can join us as a guest lecturer in one of our sessions next semester in REsponsible Business. We are actually working on fashion and ethical consumption, so it will be great to see the alternatives! Please contact me. Best wishes and congratulations!

  2. Davina Hawthorne

    2 years ago. Good to see proposals for leather waste. The proposal is focused and clear samples are particularly interesting and show a lot of promise for product design. Catchy ‘flawsome’ name.