Md Mahmudul Hasan Foodododo

Foodododo is an augmented reality app that promotes a healthy lifestyle. The app virtually shows you how the food is prepared and the food value of each item. Foodododo alerts for overeating and will notify you with necessary exercises. It works as a virtual dietician. Foodododo is a complete package for promoting healthy food habits.

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  1. Azizul

    6 months ago. It is really nice

  2. sanchita

    6 months ago. Good luck

  3. bricklane

    6 months ago. good one

  4. raaj

    6 months ago. nice one

  5. Sufia Alam

    6 months ago. Wonderful idea!

  6. Sufia Alam

    6 months ago. Great idea!

  7. Syed Sadek Ahmed

    6 months ago. Good Luck

  8. Manas Haldar

    6 months ago. Great concept…

  9. Swapan

    6 months ago. Good …

  10. M A Quayum

    6 months ago. It’s really wonderful idea . I appreciate your work . Keeep it up and best of luck

  11. robin jhuma

    6 months ago. Wishing all the success

  12. s rou

    6 months ago. Wish him every success in life

  13. Shahab Chanchal

    6 months ago. I like this idea

  14. Raassell Ali

    6 months ago. Excellent scheme, very welldone.

  15. Sanjoy KUmer Deb

    6 months ago. Awesome

  16. Noor Kibria

    6 months ago. awesome

  17. Mushfiqur Rahman

    6 months ago. Wow..!! It’s really great idea…!!

  18. Sheikh Abujar

    6 months ago. Very good and useful idea.

  19. Mojisola Akinyemi

    6 months ago. Good idea

  20. Mesbaur Rahman

    6 months ago. Yes

  21. Souvik Ganguly

    6 months ago. Best wishes. Hope it will be a great initiative in the ocean of too many brands.

  22. Epsita Rahman

    6 months ago. Seems to be a great idea….Keep going on..👍

  23. manjor morshed

    6 months ago. outstanding

  24. md shakil ahammed

    6 months ago. that’s a good idea

  25. Gaurish Ray

    6 months ago. Great idea! Best wishes for the project.

  26. S k paul

    6 months ago. Good one

  27. Pushpita

    7 months ago. Good luck

  28. Thoushif Sajid

    7 months ago. good project

  29. sourov

    7 months ago. well done

  30. Mst. Zakia Sultana

    7 months ago. it’s a fruitful idea.

  31. Aimzworld007

    7 months ago. Brilliant concept, Best wishes!!

  32. Ataur Rahman Sharif

    7 months ago. Nice concept

  33. সুখ পাখি

    7 months ago. Good!

  34. Fahim Reza Shovon

    7 months ago. অসাধারণ

  35. Zobair K

    7 months ago. Excellent idea ….

  36. Rakib Hasnet Suman

    7 months ago. excellent

  37. Mohammed Azad

    7 months ago. Wow Excellent concept

  38. MM Hasan

    7 months ago. Excellent idea. Looking forward.

  39. Mary

    7 months ago. I think its brilliant

  40. sagar deb

    7 months ago. that one is really interesting. all the time when we took our food, we never think about the nutration value. we never think about us, what we need to eat n what we r eating. I hope this apps can help us a lot.

  41. Sudip Chakroborthy

    7 months ago. Great works

  42. samira sultana

    7 months ago. The project is wonderful. I vote this project

  43. jit sarkar

    7 months ago. Explore a pasta “foodododo”

  44. ujjal das

    7 months ago. great idea.

  45. Md. Golam Rabbani

    7 months ago. I think it’s a great idea for food lovers and all people those are want to take care their health.

  46. Abu Masum

    7 months ago. Great Idea…

  47. Muhammad A Rahman

    7 months ago. very good and innovative idea

  48. juyel raaj

    7 months ago. it’s will be very helpful

  49. mukta chakravarty

    7 months ago. Excellent concept

  50. Md. Mohsin Ali

    7 months ago. This is an impressive idea. With this food will be more fun. We can taste food before we actually eat.

  51. Md. Athur Rahman

    7 months ago. Good!!!!!!!!!!!!