kapil thakkar Gaming… Transforming productivity

A game which gives you knowledge in real time of the Forex market or the share market. Likewise we’ll have a virtual market where the points keep on changing in certain intervals of time in the time span we need to predict certain points on that product. Points get converted to equivalent amount.

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  1. Arti AmarTiwari

    2 weeks ago. Good going

  2. Rishi Thakkar

    2 weeks ago. i need some time to get in

  3. Vibhuti thakkar

    2 weeks ago. Great

  4. Umesh

    2 weeks ago. Nice

  5. Ritesh more

    2 weeks ago. Nice 😄

  6. amanchidiyale

    2 weeks ago. Nice

  7. Siddhant Oza

    2 weeks ago. Its amazing…All the best!!

  8. sachin abhang

    2 weeks ago. good game

  9. Sanjay Sancheti

    2 weeks ago. Very nice.Great

  10. Rahul

    2 weeks ago. Very good

  11. Rajesh rajput

    2 weeks ago. Nice game

  12. Prakash rajput

    2 weeks ago. Nice one

  13. Pankaj Savita

    2 weeks ago. Very nice

  14. Manoj kumar

    2 weeks ago. All the best

  15. Ulhas

    2 weeks ago. Very nice

  16. Ulhas

    2 weeks ago. Very good

  17. Nilesh Sawant

    2 weeks ago. Very Nice Idea…. Great job!!

  18. HARSHIT Jyoti

    2 weeks ago. All he best …

  19. Bhakti Dhirawani

    2 weeks ago. All the best guys

  20. Mukesh Chothani

    2 weeks ago. Great….keep it up…

  21. D P Jadhav

    3 weeks ago. Very good

  22. P D Jadhav

    3 weeks ago. Very good game

  23. Amit

    3 weeks ago. Go Bro!!!

  24. amruta

    3 weeks ago. Great

  25. Vishal

    3 weeks ago. Please tell me more

  26. Meena thakkar

    3 weeks ago. Kapil is the best

  27. akanksha

    3 weeks ago. 👍

  28. Shubham Dhumal

    3 weeks ago. Gaming…. transforming productivity Indeed… maybe little alternations would make it best

  29. Pratik Bafana

    3 weeks ago. Great

  30. amal Mishra

    3 weeks ago. Good knowledge for anyone..

  31. amal Mishra

    3 weeks ago. Good game Bhai…

  32. Manoj chandan

    3 weeks ago. Very good 👍

  33. Bhavini Chande

    3 weeks ago. Amazing idea..i will be waiting for this project to get executed soon ..great work

  34. Pooja S Bedmutha

    3 weeks ago. Best…

  35. Neelam Vineet Karia

    3 weeks ago. Superb.!!!!!

  36. Kinjal Chande

    3 weeks ago. Awesome..
    All the best guys 👍

  37. Umang

    3 weeks ago. 🙌🙌

  38. Kaveri Gaikwad

    3 weeks ago. great

  39. Kartik

    3 weeks ago. Quite interesting idea, need to workout on this. Beneficial for both public and organizations.

  40. Neha Amale

    3 weeks ago. Vote for this idea