Desmond Mujana Genetic Neonatal Screening

Our mission is to enhance neonatal screening in newborns by means of developing a new diagnostic tool.

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  1. moses zishiri

    1 year ago. great idea

  2. Clarence

    1 year ago. Awesome boys

  3. Esther

    1 year ago. Brilliant idea!

  4. Tabeth Rowai Sithole

    1 year ago. Great! Go! Go! Biomedical students..we support you.

  5. Debbie Brumby

    1 year ago. Fantastic idea.

  6. Lisa Drummond

    1 year ago. Excellent idea

  7. Bernadine Zishiri

    1 year ago. Awesome idea

  8. Lucy Zishiri

    1 year ago. This is a very useful aidea.

  9. Paula Smith

    1 year ago. 👍 great