Caba Alexandru Ioan HoneySticksLondon

This business idea aims to supply the schools, restaurants, hotels and coffee shops with honey packets, replacing the sugar packets. We will use acacia and linden honey, giving to our customers the chance to improve the quality of the coffee and tea that they selling. By trying to replace the sugar, this business will have a massive impact on people health.

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  1. ciorobitca

    10 months ago. super! bafta!

  2. ciorobitca

    10 months ago. super!

  3. Gabriela Popescu

    10 months ago. Well done Alex!

  4. Ioana

    10 months ago. Super idee!

  5. Laura

    10 months ago. Excellent Idea

  6. Ioana

    10 months ago. Bafta super

  7. elena

    11 months ago. Excelent!

  8. Craivan lucian gabriel

    11 months ago. Super

  9. Cristina

    11 months ago. This is a great idea to improve people’s lives in a very healthy way. Go Alex!

  10. Matei Radu

    11 months ago. super

  11. Alina anisca

    11 months ago. Great ideea!!

  12. Iulia

    11 months ago. Super healthy ideea and I would love to see it coming soon here in UK. Great job, keep up the good work!