Jenny Cattier Nudge

Nudge combines our extensive marketing expertise and storytelling talent with ‘Nudge Theory’ to form the ‘Nudge Marketing Approach’; a defined process which adds value to our clients and differentiates us from competitors. Our process makes clients’ marketing campaigns more effective using engaging narratives and sophisticated communications.

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  1. Helen Marshall

    11 months ago. This pitch combines creative outputs with business savvy. Excellent work!

  2. Andy Salmon

    11 months ago. Bang on. The pitch says it all. Timely, accurate, storytelling beyond ‘journalism’. Commercially savvy. Gets my vote.

  3. David

    11 months ago. Looks great. Gets my vote!

  4. Penelope Bowles

    11 months ago. First vote

  5. Penelope

    11 months ago. My vote

  6. Penelope

    11 months ago. A dinamic group, with so much to offer the businesses in Cambridge.

  7. Freddie Anderson @ Churchyy

    11 months ago. First vote !!!!