Jane Green Paperless Patient health record app

A patient held health record acknowledging the patient as the central point of contact for health. No worries over data sharing consent as the patient will be the one sharing. This has the potential to support anyone who struggles maintaining accurate paper records – after all, who forgets their phone?

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  1. Rachel k

    10 months ago. Be interested in how this can be applied in practice/pilot to test efficacy

  2. Catherine ives

    11 months ago. Excellent idea

  3. Claire McGuigan

    11 months ago. I think paperless patient record would be amazing transportable real time access.
    Great idea I look forward to its launch.

  4. Amanda Laidler

    11 months ago. Brilliant idea

  5. John

    11 months ago. Sounds an excellent idea. I work in chronic renal therapies and it looks like something which would improve patient care and lead to better communication with all the different agencies etc.