Nathalie Reeve Trekker Buddy

Trekker Buddy is a travel planner, tracker, translator, ticket saver, vlog saver and much more, all in one for todays modern explorers. There is also the option for: Trekker Buddy Pro for business men and women Trekker Buddy Lite for the basic version Trekker Buddy Edu for school trips.

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  1. Emma McNally

    10 months ago. Love the idea of the Trekker Buddy – sounds really useful. I travel a lot and this could really help me out.

  2. Ermias Tilahun

    11 months ago. I love it , it’s unique

  3. Tom Howarth

    11 months ago. Excellent, bringing together all the loose ends of travelling would be a great way to streamline the experience!

  4. Ellie S.

    11 months ago. Like the sound of the idea, having gone on my first flight alone during the summer definitely would have given me more peace of mind not having to carry all the papers/documents around. Would just want to know that everything was safe on the app/my phone. Nice idea!