Bonizwe McFadden VendaHand

A vending machine that is based in libraries that is filled with pens, pencils, earphones, phone chargers, etc… to give access to items that are essential to carrying on with work if/when retail shops are closed.

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  1. Nadege Talva

    11 months ago. Great idea!

  2. Mitchel Harland

    11 months ago. Fantastic and very original idea.

  3. Cj

    11 months ago. Awesome

  4. Luke

    11 months ago. That would be great help for students:)

  5. Mrs Kelly Gunn

    11 months ago. What a Great Idea
    No more rushing to a shop or back home if you have forgoton you pens etc as what you need for the purpose of being in a library to study and work would be right there.
    The simplistic of ideas are always the very best

  6. Pandora Ellis

    11 months ago. Fantastic idea!!! Please make this happen!

  7. Alice connor

    11 months ago. As a student who spends a lot of evenings in the library I think this would be a brilliant idea!! :)

  8. Freddie Anderson @ Churchyy

    11 months ago. Good Concept