Edward Oliver Your Must Have Items Coming to a Vending Machine Near You! 

You know we can’t live without them these days, but how cool is it, when you can find the solution to your Mobile phone or Tech accessory needs, just so near to YOU, when you need it the most – find out how! Hint – it’s a high tech vending machine.

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  1. Chika Osuagwu

    10 months ago. Fantastic idea. Very good pitch

  2. Tony Orjih

    10 months ago. Really cool idea and worthy of support – well pitched

  3. Ike Ugwu

    10 months ago. Good idea that has got legs..

  4. Anthony Anaka

    10 months ago. Excellent idea. It should have been out years ago. I’m in as they say in Dragons Den.

  5. Charles Spiropoulos

    10 months ago. I think it’s a brilliant idea

  6. Iris Pumphrey

    10 months ago. Eddie Oliver great idea

  7. L.

    11 months ago. Wow… what an awesome idea Eddie! This can be so useful!

  8. Natanya

    11 months ago. Great idea!

  9. John mozie

    11 months ago. Brilliant. I would buy it

  10. Alexandra

    11 months ago. Great idea Eddie

  11. David Mbamalu

    11 months ago. Excellent idea that should be supported

  12. Emeka Mbonu

    11 months ago. Fantastic and brilliant concept

  13. Tanveer Rashid

    11 months ago. Excellent Idea

  14. Tanveer Rashid

    11 months ago. Excellent Idea

  15. Rosemary Curfew

    11 months ago. So..cool.l love this idea

  16. Cecilia Humbert-Droz

    11 months ago. Great idea

  17. Chuba Obi

    11 months ago. Great idea.

  18. Donald Osaru

    11 months ago. Great idea.. Sign me up👍🏽

  19. Godfrey Egotanwa

    11 months ago. Fantastic idea

  20. Ken Chinweze

    11 months ago. This doesn’t do anything for me. I will give it C-. It needs reworking. I feel that it does not have anything to do with Dispensing

  21. Tony Harris

    11 months ago. Excellent idea, good and well deliveres pitch.
    Clear and concise.

  22. Tony Ndukwe

    11 months ago. Good to know

  23. A Conan-Davies

    11 months ago. Wonderful idea useful information hope is taken on board by uni

  24. David Davies

    11 months ago. Yes Eddie. Everybody needs backup power sometimes.

  25. Afia Conan-Davies

    11 months ago. Great idea Eddie useful information