Adam Sheffield - Educational Talks and Demonstrations

Hello there, myself and a prospective colleague, will offer (depending on the length of the presentation) educational talks and demonstrations based on our extensive research and collections of military equipment and artefacts. These talks present the opportunity to learn about history by handling original objects, and better understand how equipment and technology shaped these great conflicts. Doug has more than thirty years experience as a collector and researcher, as well as being a qualified army cadet instructor with teaching experience. Doug regularly attends historical re-enactments, and provides military advice, props and costumes for theatrical productions. I am also a qualified Army Cadet Instructor with teaching experience, and an experienced collector. I regularly visit WW1 battlefields in France and research WW1 soldiers.

Both of our collections include an extensive variety of items recovered from WW1 battlefields, such as shrapnel, grenades, shells, bayonets, rifles, and personal items, All items are completely and demonstratively safe and in compliance with the law, and we are both CRB checked.

Our Second World War collections includes a wide variety of items from home front life in Britain and Germany, as well as battlefield recovered items from the Eastern Front, and uniforms and equipment from the war in The Pacific. To summarise business idea is to bring this experience primarily to schools, youth organisations, and higher education establishments, but will expand to clubs, societies, museums, and even amateur enthusiasts etc.

We believe our experience in teaching will really aide us in our prospective business. Thank you for listening