Ajith and Ciya - GLOBEDIN

GLOBEDIN is a digital addressing platform that helps you to create a ‘Global Index Number(GIN)’ . It is a universal standard and globally accepted location code. You can create a GIN for your home, workplace, business, and events. GIN is a unique code of eight-digit(eg: GIN 1020 3040).GIN can hold your address, driving direction, photographs and contact details, which can be shared with your friends, so your friends don't have to call you for direction. You can add your GIN to address, business cards and advertisements so people can easily reach you.

Most importantly, when you move into a new house or office, your GIN will not change, you just need to edit the address and it gets automatically updated in all your documents, so that you will never miss a letter from a bank.

For business, owners can set up a free e-commerce platform and list the products, which can boost their sales and reach. Employees can add this to their profile. This can be free marketing and when sales happen the employees get a share.

Globedin can promote entrepreneurship, people can easily set up online business or dropshipping and make a living.