Ajith Joy - Pixelart - Metaverse Lifestyle

2022 is the year of the metaverse. Where we can live, interact and buy things that do not exist. When the world becomes virtual, Virtual fashion is the next goldmine.3 billion people today play online games with 46 % being women. In 2021 people spent over 100 billion dollars in virtual fashion.H&M and louis vuitton have already opened stores in metaverse. Nike created ‘nike land’ in Roblox, Bigger brands like Balenciaga,Gucci, Adidas, Prada have already invested heavily in metaverse

But How do smaller brands get to the metaverse? Introducing PIXELART.io
PIXELART is a multi-brand lifestyle store in metaverse for artists, social media influencers and businesses to sell their products to potential buyers. Users can upload their design, and our Ethereum based platform will convert this into a 3D NFT and make them available in our metaverse store.

Buyers can virtually experience, buy and export them into any metaverse or games. We also provide e-tailoring, 3-d vault, global designer network and many more.