Dilson Samuel - IM News

IM World News is completely customizable according to our client’s preference. They have access to their very own unique dashboard where they can view, edit, and publish articles.
It is a very user-friendly experience. Once the client completes payment for the article, it will take an hour to be reviewed by the back-end staff. After that, the article is published within 72 hours. All of the documents, photographs, and other content that will be included in the article can be added directly to the IM World News dashboard. We have implemented this feature to help the writers by making their job easier.

It is a platform that is perfect for upcoming agencies that are yet to make an impact because we cater to their needs with a Standard Plan as well as a Premium Plan. The Standard Plan offers clients the opportunity to post their articles on 100 networks within the platform and is priced at £299. The Premium Plan offers clients the ability to post their articles on 200 networks within the platform, as well as run an ad campaign for the articles. The cost of the premium plan is £599.