Ivan Monastryev - Monalink

"My pitch is for Monalink, a private dna testing and storage solutions powered by blockchain. Dna privacy is a fundamental human right. We would use the blockchain for the security and privacy and not a a source of fundraising. Consumer dna testing kits because more popular due to the usefulness: Genetic make up Family history Health risks The problem is that in order to get it you have to use 23andme. They could possibly sell your information to other companies (government misuse of your data) as there are not enough laws . Family affair and your results can leak your family. We would achieve this privacy by storing data on the blockchain once possessed. No one but you could see or have access to it and Monalink would have no info to give even if government asked. Hacks- protected Similar to any defi protocol like Uniswap of wave, in a sense that you would have your own web based wallet with a 12 word seed phrase that is unique. Once the dna is tested the data is uploaded to your wallet and destroyed, making you the only person with an access. "