Liberty Goromonzi - Congo Fire

The West African street food scene is teeming with a cacophony of boisterous street food flavours influenced by the nearly 200 million people of 300 Nigerian tribes alone, and the vibrant Bongo Flavour of the Congo. The hot sauce is home-made, in systematic replicable manner, and is a popular party staple, with guests usually requesting to take away any remaining sauce. The ingredients that go into the sauce are very low cost, and all but one ingredient are obtainable from the UK, with the key ingredient available from Cameroon. While the sauce has a very high chance of wider uptake from the large diasporan African population who are nostalgic for authentic home flavours, based on the current success at past soirees, the preparation process is something that is not easy. This sauce will also apeal to anyone enjoys favourful, but searingly hot flavours and goes well with most dishes. There is currently no comparable sauce that caters directly to the African palate, which will increase the chances of first mover advantage and profitability.