Paul Popescu - The Mobile Building Factory 

All my life I have seen my father inventing and applying improvements on building sites. Back in 80's the idea to bring automation and rise the building by climbing the equipment without dismantling, level by level, sounded futuristic, especially for the USSR. But even if a lot of his innovative ideas was way too revolutionary for that time, my father didn’t renounce his dream - find the most efficient way to create durable and affordable buildings. He was constantly developing new ideas and patented them in order to create some day:
The Mobile Building Factory - a complex building system based on monolithic construction technology that will use sliding formworks automatically operated. The process involves optimizing the entire construction cycle, which will allow to build faster and cheaper the most durable buildings. My father had this original idea even before I was born. All this years he and his team of experienced professionals had raised tens of edifices, hundreds of floors and thousands of square meters of concrete buildings. Decades when he was testing and completing his concept. So now it is ready to be brought to life.

Our Pilot Project is meant to create the first 1:1 scale prototype of the factory and build a first experimental building. This will help us implement the technology in real life and prove it’s efficiency to the whole industry. The prize will be invested in buying construction materials for this project. We hope some day soon to start producing such systems for any interested construction company all over the world, so that any family could afford an honorable living.