Sam and Cannelle - My Safety App Match

My safety app match (safety app selector) will review all the features and technical considerations of personal Safety applications (apps) on the market. Using the answers given by users regarding their safety needs and the safety features they like; the safety app selector will then recommend 2 or three personal safety apps on the market they should consider and link them to the app store/ download area applicable.
This takes the hard work out of researching all the options and really gives personalised recommendations based on their input. It would be fun, a bit like Tinder for safety apps.

Local Councils, police, support agency and companies could then promote My safety app match, so people get the right app for them. These companies and agencies will save time and communication budgets as they will not then have to promote several safety apps suited to different user groups. They will also save the potential budget involved in trying to develop an app suited to the needs of all. They will only have to communicate one message “use my safety app match to choose the personal safety app suited to your needs”. The great thing is that then the data generated from the users’ answers would be a good source for your primary research, we can add a final question asking if they consent to it being used. This data can be used to collaborate with app developers to produce apps with the features that suit their potential users needs more closely.