Sanket Hanumant Shinde - CloudChess

CloudChess is Software as a Service (SaaS) web application which will help tech companies and independent cloud architects to take strategic decisions while moving to the cloud. It has 2 modules :

1) Cloud Comparer - Compare different cloud services from different cloud providers based on various categories and parameters like :

Compare Compute Services (Pricing, Compute Capacity, Features, Security)
Compare Database Services
Compare Storage Services
Compare IOT, AI, Data Science, Space, Blockchain, ETL Services

2) Cloud Advisor - Right services suggestions based on few simple questions

Cloud architects need to answer few questions asked by CloudChess bot Based on the responses, Bot will use multiple intelligent algorithms to suggest best service for the particular scenario. It will also show alternative options with comparisons.

At the last, Architects can generate a CloudChess certified report which contains all the reasoning why the respective service is chosen